I hereby dub 2017, “The Year of Consistency“, since it is the most important factors for success and I plan to have a successful 2017. Consistency is the “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form.” Basically, it’s the discipline to continuously perform the same or similar tasks.

Consistency is the true measure of success. Think about sports for example; Lionel Messi is not the greatest footballer in the world only because of his skill, but because of his consistency. There are many other players who have done amazing tricks and goals similar to Messi, but how often have they achieved these feats? Once in a while at best, while Messi performs at a high level nearly every week. The reason he is the best is because he is consistent.


Why is consistency so important:

  1. It helps you improve
    • Whatever task you choose to do consistently, you will soon find that it comes easier with time and the quality of work improves. So the best thing to do is to be consistent at something you want to improve in.
  2. It fosters discipline
    • The ability to follow through with an activity even with the odds are against you is crucial to success in life. Things won’t always be in your favour, but that shouldn’t stop you from going after your goals.
  3. It’s contagious
    • Soon you will find yourself wanting to be consistent in other aspects of your life that you want to improve.


Reasons why most people aren’t consistent:

  1. They don’t have goals
    • Despite consistency being the most important factor, other factors do exist that contribute to success. One of these factors is having focus or direction. It’s important to know where you want to go before you start running.
  2. Trying to find the quick and easy way
    • This method just doesn’t provide long lasting success. There are no shortcuts, and many times in an attempt to do it quick and easy, we get frustrated when it doesn’t work out, causing further setbacks in our progress.
  3. Trying to do too much
    • The tasks need to be simple. Overambitious people will believe they can do everything, but too many tasks or complicated tasks are a deterrent to becoming consistent.


How to be more consistent:

  1. Identify one of your main goals that you want to work towards achieving. Break it down into tasks or steps that help you achieve that goal.
  2. Choose a simple task that can help you achieve your goal. For example, for me I want to increase my muscle mass, so I plan on doing a 10 minute workout routine daily.
  3. Prioritize your tasks. Don’t just do it when you have spare time, it should be the main action for the day.


I am by no means a consistency expert and gathered my data from multiple sources online; but I believe that through consistent work, we can achieve great success.

With that being said, I am challenging you to the CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE 2017. The purpose of this challenge is to help everyone be successful by improving a specific aspect of their lives. To put the proverbial icing on the cake, I am willing to offer a prize of production of one 3-5 minute promotional video for the one person who best exemplifies being consistent by carrying out this challenge successfully for the entire year (2017).

However, if you accept this challenge and don’t follow through, then you owe me lunch. (And I’m an expensive lunch date. lol) There is no way to lose here, you will walk out of this process a better person regardless. Comment “I ACCEPT” and your Consistency Goals to take part in this challenge.

And remember,

life is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself accordingly

Amby Burfoot