It seems that one of the most popular trends for 2017 is the side hustle. Everyone I speak to, either owns a business, is starting a business, or doing an odd job on the side. So why is there this influx of entrepreneurs? The answer is simple; on the surface they want to make more money but what they really want to do is achieve their version of success. While many people understand that it takes significant time and work to be successful, I feel there is also the great number of people looking for a “shortcut” to success or an easy way out; some method where they can do little to no work and still be successful. If you have been looking for a shortcut to success, I’m happy to tell you that I have the answer you are looking for, and here it is:


There is no “short” cut to success!


Not the answer you wanted, right? Well it turns out that it’s true.


This “shortcut” to success, in its most widely understood meaning, is achieving significant success in a relatively short period of time. But this concept is nothing but a fairy-tale, and anything that resembles an easy quick means to success is either a false victory or temporary success. I spent the majority of my 20’s looking for the shortest, easiest way to make money. Even when I started my business, I thought it would be an instant cash cow. But when things got hard, I got discouraged and tried other things; which is what a lot of people do when the going gets tough. Instead of sticking it out, we look for an easier way, but the fact remains that it’s going to take time to be successful.


Early in 2016 I decided that I wanted to take massive action to open an agency, and even then I hoped that my strategy and ideas would trigger a quick transition to success, but there is no substitute for the time it takes to be successful. Instead of implementing strategies to force the envelope to attract big business, I began practicing my craft everyday (almost everyday), until an opportunity presented itself; a competition where the very skills I had been working on could be utilized. To make a short story even shorter, I went on to win the competition with a short film, where I married a simple brand message with a strong emotional trigger that connected with the viewers.

To the public it would seem like I was an overnight success, but I had been working at developing my skills for months prior to that. Winning the competition only proved the point that consistent practice would help me improve my skills so I could take chances when opportunities arise. Despite my attempts to strategize a “shortcut” to success I realized that the road to success would be in no means “short.” Instead I found the only true shortcut to success, is abandoning the idea that success could be truly acquired in a short space of time. It only comes through consistent focused work over time.


People always look at certain overnight success stories as evidence that this ideal shortcut to success is possible. While there are some anomalies, I would argue that most people who have achieved success have put in significant work prior to their rise to stardom. For example you might say that Uncle Ellis is an overnight success, but I would disagree. He is a man that worked diligently at his craft until he was recognized for his talent, and is still working instead of being complacent with what he has achieved thus far.

Instead of searching for the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs, the best advice I can give to you is to consistently work towards your goals. Understanding that true success is a lengthy journey, and your willingness to start that journey, is the only true shortcut to success there is. Enjoy the journey, and through consistent work you will reach your goals.