One of my goals for Paperclip Media is to make better ads and make them more effective. With the rise of social media ads within the last few years, it is nearly impossible to avoid ads. One thing I am concerned about is, “how effective are these ads?” If I were to use the “likes” system to gauge the effectiveness, you can see that most ads are underperforming. Even with television ads, 3 or 4 ads may pass and I would ask someone if they knew what the last couple ads were about, to which they would reply that they didn’t know, most of the time.

Times are changing, and so is the way we perceive ads. Most people see them as a nuisance and mentally block them out automatically which has made advertising agencies work more complex in drawing more attention to them. So why aren’t your ads more effective? Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. It’s generic


This occurs when you use little to no imagination on your ad. It looks like a million other ads and it simply includes information on what you are selling and where you are located. These types of ads have oversaturated the market and offer little to the viewer’s imagination. They fail to stimulate their desires for your good or service. Leaving you with an ad that has little to no impact.

  1. It’s impersonal

Some ads feel very “corporate.” With a desire to seem professional, businesses only confirm the lack of empathy in their approach. The problem here is that, companies must remember that they are focusing on attracting people to their business, and people will easier relate to a more personal touch. To really make your ads effective, it’s important to add a human element.


  1. It’s too brash

Your ad is focused on making a sale and forgets to mention what is the true reward to the customer. A close relative to the generic ad, this ad offers little to the imagination and only demands a sale. Customers have become much smarter due to the bombardment of media, so they are not easily persuaded by empty ads that have little substance.

  1. It doesn’t give the customer anything to do

No comedy, no emotion and no call-to-action. An ad needs to initiate a reaction in order to be effective. If it fails to do so, it’s lost in the myriad of ads their customers view. The best ads connect with customers in a way that makes their message relatable and helps them to instigate some response, whether it makes them do further research, or visit their landing page.

  1. It isn’t in the right place


Most people tend to try to reach as wide as they can with their campaigns, but most times they are spending money on ads where their target market isn’t seeing it. Therefore, they are wasting money. A much more effective approach would be to do research on identifying your ideal customer and figure out their habits to understand where you should focus your advertising efforts.


The solution:

Brand Storytelling is a means of content creation whereby the brand understands it’s client and communicates it’s story in a way that captivates their audience to help build better relationships between the brand and the customers. To make ads more effective,  brands should tell stories that illustrate the journey of the company and their values, instead of only asking for a sale. In a world where we encounter thousands of branded messages everyday, it is more important than ever to connect with your customers, and brand storytelling is the best way to do it.