Within the last week, you may have noticed your favourite restaurant glowing an unusual blue. If you wondered why, you won’t be alone as I hadn’t even recognized the significance until I attended an event last Sunday which brought all the pieces of the puzzle together.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, it also marks Prestige Holdings Limited’s (PHL) annual launch of their Autism Awareness month. The event held at Price Plaza, Chaguanas, signifies a month where they establish their support for the Autistic community in Trinidad and Tobago by adorning their retail outlets with blue lights. FYI, Prestige Holding owns the restaurant franchises for KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, T.G.I Fridays and Starbucks in Trinidad and Tobago, and owns a whopping 119 restaurants nationwide. The restaurant management company hasn’t got here by chance, their branding has paved the way for their successes and this recent initiative will only strengthen their brand.

The event started off at 6:30pm in a relaxed setting, where you could tell that the first quarter’s profits wasn’t going to be on the agenda. The aim of the event was not to encourage patronage of their restaurants, but to raise awareness of autism and to contribute to the cause. CEO Charles Pashley, identified the company’s initiative spanning much further than simply ‘lighting up their restaurants’, but they have also engaged in multiple internal awareness campaigns, educational programs and design competitions, among other endeavours to help the public understand what autism is, and to help us understand how to interact with autistic persons in a more suitable manner. The company has even inducted the Soca royalty in Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons to help spread the message. The Viking and Viqueen marked the start of the campaign by plugging in the lights that lit up PHL’s restaurants in Price Plaza.

bunji faye

Donnella Rodriguez-Laird, co-founder of the The Right Start Early Intervention program was present to collect a cheque of $15,000 from PHL that would go towards the autistic society. Rodriguez-Laird re-iterated that there has been an increase in autism awareness over recent years but there is still much more work to be done, as she thanked the company for the work they have been doing.



Prestige Holdings wins our Brand of the Month award for this initiative and here are 5 lessons you can take away from them in branding your own business.

  1. Don’t only focus on sales, your business has a social responsibility fulfill as well.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility should be practiced regardless of how successful your business is.
  3. Find a cause that you believe in, so you can give back authentically.
  4. Don’t only focus on showing the public what you can do, the work you do internally matters just as much.
  5. Initiatives like these can benefit your business in the long run by building relationships with customers, especially if they are a part of the society or also support the cause.

Despite their chain of businesses remaining profitable, it feels good to see that this company does not forget to give back to the community. Their launch and continuous support of the autistic society reminds us that they are far more than just a corporate body, but a group of actual people with shared values trying to make a difference.

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