With every day that passes I believe that we should grow a little bit wiser. Through the situations we are in, or just what we observe, there is a lesson in every day. Sometimes the lesson of the day is hard to find, so it may be better to look back on the month and figure out what the main lessons were.


Consistency is hard, but worth it

Just a month after issuing my Consistency challenge, I’m wondering “what have I got myself into?”, but I’m determined to make it work. I think that all new habits will be difficult to form at first but as you get more accustomed to the pattern it becomes like second nature. I also wanted to emphasize keeping it simple. It’s a gradual process and I’m the type that likes to try to run before I can crawl, so it may be better to gradually groove into my new regime. The main benefits thus far of just having consistent blogs, is that one of the blog posts have actually reached further than I thought, and I was actually lauded for it’s points so I am proud of that. I am also building a decent body of work that can be used as a reference point for future readers. So I will be continuing my Consistency challenges and I’m glad to have inspired other people to join on as well, I hope you’re doing better than me.


Choosing the right team

In October last year, we formed this team which would be named Paperclip Media. I tried to start a marketing-like company about 4 years ago, but not only did it lack the right direction but it also wasn’t the right team. Mistakes I made before was that it was too large a group, and small and effective just works better (like a paperclip. lol). Each member of this team contributes in a way that the others can’t, and it all comes together to form a really awesome product. Despite each of us having experience in our respective areas, we took on our first client this month, and seeing all of the parts moving in sync was a sight to behold. I really couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better team than this. Soon we will be able to share the work we are doing with this client.



The older we get, the more we realize that our time is precious. Therefore, we have to increase our focus on what is important to us by “trimming the fat.” That is, the aspects of your life that just aren’t healthy. Having an array of skills, I realized that I would be in demand, especially as I am a “Yes Man” at times (but that’s changing). If I am going to be successful at building this agency it certainly means having an intense focus towards my goals. So because there are so many opportunities around, I need to carefully select which jobs I can take that draw me closer to my goals. This lesson was reinforced when an opportunity that came to me in January, that I chose not to pursue, is currently under pressure due to a team members absence. Even though I wish them the best, that simply cannot be my problem, when I’m focused on building an empire. On the other hand, Paperclip Media is already growing, something that I have to attribute to “focus” and not being sidetracked by what ever is the newest shiny thing.


Look for ways to expand your business

Within the ad business, just starting off can be tough because of the constant back and forths with clients that want to ensure their brand is being accurately represented. During these months of no work, it may be best to expand your services so you can keep the lights on. I believe we came up with a great idea to stay in line with our business concept and expand our offerings so we can start developing a steady flow of income. Of course I can’t disclose all of the information about that project now but you shall see soon! The main idea is that you can’t depend on one service or one stream of income. Diversify in a way that works well with your business. For example, if you are a videographer, a good side service may be equipment rentals on the days you aren’t using the equipment.


March looks like it’s going to be a great month for us and we look forward to taking you on the journey with us. Paperclip out!